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Blue exporer is a powerful file manager.
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Multiple File Panes


Set Comment

In order to manage more and more files, folder name and filename is not enough for us to remember the content of the file and folder. You can set comment for any file and folder. Help yourself to understand the file and folder. Unlike other comment tool, there is no new file generated associated with the file. You can set comment for any file include word, pdf, excel, zip files and so on.

This only works on NTFS file system. For fat file system, this not works.

For folder comment, there is a file named bulenote.txt will be generated to store the comment.

Select a file or folder, press F7, you can view and edit comment of the folder. When no item selected, comment of current folder will be shown.



For private files you may want to shred it and don't let others to restore it. Shred is right to do this.

Set Attributes

You may want to change file created date, accessed date, attributes and so on. Set Attributes can help.


Select a file or multiple files, then select CheckSum(md5) to generate checksum of the files. Result will be saved to checksum-md5.txt and opened automatically.

Set item color

You can set color of an item in order to highlight hot items. This can make frequently used files easy to be found. In order to make this work, just like Set comment, you must use NTFS file system and make sure you have write permission of the file.


Record batch command

In order reduce duplicated works, you can record frequent actions as a bat file. Then run the batch command later. Copy/Move/Delete/Create shortcut actions can be recorded. You can also edit and run the batch command later.


Filename/Path/Columns information copy

You can copy filename, file path and column information by context menu and shortcut. This can save you a lot time.


Quick go to system folders

You can go to any system folders directly from the menu.


Six view types

Six view types are supported.


You can use any view you prefer to view a file.


Individual folder settings

The column information will be saved for each tab, so it is easier for you to restore to previous view state.