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Blue exporer is a powerful file manager.
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Tour - Ftp




Ftp is embedded in Blue Explorer. You can login to ftp site, download and upload files freely. Ftp work will be done in background, so you can continue your work and don't need worry about the performance.

Carefully designed context menu makes your work easier.

Context Menu



You can download or upload files by copy and paste.

Download :  Download the file to the default folder.

Download and Open :  Download the file to the  default download folder and open it.

Download To :  Download the file to a folder, you can select the destination folder.


Double click a file will download it to windows temporary folder and open it automatically.


Right Drag

You can press the right button of the mouse and drag file from ftp list to file list. Following context menu will be popped up.

You can select just download it or download and open it.