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Blue exporer is a powerful file manager.
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Tour - Float Window


Float Window


Float window is designed to show or hide Blue Explorer easily. You can double click the float window to show or hide Blue Explorer. It's always on the top of all windows. It can also be used as a drop target for quick drag and drop.



When you drop files to the window, "Folder Selection" dialog will be popped up. You can select a folder from the drop down list directly.

You can also input part of the path, the drop down list will be auto filtered. Only matched paths will be shown. Drop down list is synchronized with the Quick Go List.



If folder is not in the list, you can click "..." button to pop up  "Browser for Folder" dialog. Select the folder from the dialog.

Open the file : You can open the file after paste by select this.

Open the folder in new tab : You can open itsparent folder of the file in a new tab.



You can also drop an attachment (Ex:Outlook attachment) to the window to save it.


Context Menu

You can use Context Menu to show or hide Blue Explorer and paste items to a  folder. Also you can exit Blue Explorer.