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Blue exporer is a powerful file manager.
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Tour - Superview



By superview, you can view folders in a File List. You can expand or collapse folders freely.

You can also group files by its file name. This is very helpful. In daily work, you often need modify a document  and then save a new version for it.  For a file reviewed by several reviewers, you also need keep multiple versions for the file. Using version control tool to manage these files is one way. But it's a little complicated in case you don't have a tool installed.

You can group files by it's filename. How to manage these files? Some time, it's difficult to find the latest one. Also too many files make your search work an headace. To overcome this, super view provides a way to organize files in group and only shows the latest in normal. If you want to view previous version, just expand the group.

The separator to group the file can be "-" or "_". You can set your preference.

When view files this way, you will lose some display performance.