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Blue exporer is a powerful file manager.
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Tour - Search Files



What do you think of Windows Explorer search tool? It's powerful, but it's not convenient in some time.

Our powerful search can benefit you from following perspectives.


You can get Look in folder by click GetDir. It can get the current folder in active file pane directly.

You can also drag a folder to the inbox to set Look in folder.

Ctrl+Drag a folder to inbox can add a folder to "Look in folder". This makes you can search files under multiple folders. You can also add folders manually by input folders directly.

Filename and search string support wildcard. You can input a filename like *.* or ?.txt.

You can also define complicated searching rules. You can also search a file according properties of the file.  You can define multiple rules and set the relationship of the rules use "or/and". "OP" means the logical operator. Rule is the rule name. You can save the complicated rules and loaded it later easily.

Search Sub Folders & Case Sensitive - You can enable or disable it.

Free layout.

When dock Guide Bar to the bottom. Search Pane will change to Horizontal mode. Give you more space to view File List.