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Blue exporer is a powerful file manager.
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Tour - File panes and multiple tabs


Dual panes and multiple tabs

You can use dual panes to view folders. Each pane can have multiple tabs. This makes you easy to switch between folders.


You can also set panes style to vertical. This can let you view more columns instead of more lines in File List.


Multiple File Panes

Blue Explorer supports multiple file panes. You can create as many file panes as you want.

Each pane has multiple file list. So you can view multiple folders in different panes at same time. This makes you easy to handle files between folders. Also it is convenient if you need focus on multiple folders at same time.


Drag/Drop, copy/paste are well supported between file panes.



Select "Tool"-"File Panes"-"Add New" to create a new file pane.

You can close file pane by the close button of the pane or by context menu on the title bar.

You can drag the pane to any place you want. You can also dock the pane to any place.

You can switch between file panes by "Tab".