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Tour - Gantt Chart


Blue Excel can help to make a plan or schedule in excel based on week.


It's very normal to make a schedule based on week. Excel schedule make it easier to share between users. Anyone can update it if you have excel installed. Excel also give you the flexibility to add comments, insert columns at any time.


Customer can define the color of the task bar by your self. You can also define the color of the precondition and detail comments.

Week Based Gantt Chart

Working Day Based Gantt Chart

Calendar Based Gantt Chart


Besides Gantt Chart, Blue Excel also supports to create integration plan and resource management plan. It can automatically generate the template. The task bar can be aligned with the cells occupied automatically, which makes work easier. You can also add comment to the task bar as a supplement. This can resolve task bar to short to add much text issue.

Integration Plan


Resource plan is another plan used frequently. Resource adopt following format to make you can add more text to the task bar. It also supports task bar auto align to the cells boarder, which makes your work easier and faster.

Resource Plan