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Dave Thorson

This is an update to my earlier comments. I tried version and it's a BIG improvement over the version I tried before. I found the new version very stable, could not crash it. There are some rough spots, and it doesn't like folders with a large number of files (around 2500 or more). But it offers a lot to make the file-management part of your life easier. I've tried around 30 file managers in the past year and this is now among the best. I'll probably use it the most since ALL of the others tend to crash a lot (I'm using Vista SP2 32-bit) on Intel Q6700, your mileage may vary).

I like Blue Explorer's search and filter options, its "Super View" mode that combines a typical "Detail" view with a Tree view, all in one window pane, and it also offers all the traditional views as well. I have mine set up for two File List panes, a "Guide" pane that switches easily between Directory tree, Search options, Favorites, and a "QuickGo" list where you can drag folders and later recall them quickly from the list, or by typing part of their name into the address bar at the top of the screen, and a Preview Window that also lets you make quick edits to text files. The program also uses Tabs at the top of each File List window. And don't overlook the "Locate in Tree" function hidden in the menus, you can make it a button on the toolbar. The documentation doesn't cover everything yet, so you need to try things out to see what they do. For example a "Copy Columns" command didn't conjure up anything in mind based on the name, but I found I get get a quick list of filenames, sizes, dates, etc. into the clipboard so I could paste it into other documents. I won't use this feature every day but it's light and handy when I need it.

I'm very picky on my choice of a file manager - it has to be fast and stable, have at least 2 file panes and a directory tree, and tabs and favorites and it should support drag & drop and right-click context menus. The "commander" style programs just don't work the way I do. There's still room for improvement in Blue Explorer but that's mostly just icing on a cake that's ready to eat! I recommend giving this one a try.

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