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Excel: VBA Examples-3

Get the max row cotain value of the sheet Sub GetMaxRow() n = Cells.Find(“*”, , , , 1, 2).Row MsgBox n End Sub Get the max row of column A which is not empty Sub GetMaxRowOfColumnA() n = Range(“a65536″).End(xlUp).Row Range(“B1″) = n End Sub Insert text frame in selected area Sub InsertTextFrame() For Each rag… Continue reading »


Excel: VBA Examples-2

Change the button name and loop around 3 macros.(Code of the button) Option Explicit Private Sub CommandButton1_Click() With CommandButton1 If .Caption = “macro1″ Then Call macro1 .Caption = “macro2″ Exit Sub End If If .Caption = “macro2″ Then Call macro2 .Caption = “macro3″ Exit Sub End If If .Caption = “macro3″ Then Call macro3 .Caption… Continue reading »


Excel: VBA Examples-1

Open all hidden sheets. Sub openallhiddensheets() Dim i As Integer For i = 1 To Sheets.Count   Sheets(i).Visible = True Next i End Sub loop example sub loopexample() AAA = Range(“C2″) Dim i As Long Dim times As Long times = AAA ‘times – means the loop times, set value to it before for loop(it… Continue reading »


Word: Fast way to cut and paste.

In word, normally we will cut/paste by selec the words then select “cut”, move the cursor to the right place ane select “paste”. There is another faster way worth to try. 1.Select the words need cut. 2.Press Ctrl. 3.Go to the right place and click the right key of the mouse.


Word: Fast way to change the line space.

Select the paragrahp you want to change line space. Press “Ctrl+1″ to change to sing line space. Press “Ctrl+2″ to change to double line space. Press “Ctrl+5″ to change to 1.5 line space.


Word: Fast input.

After input some words in word, press Alt+Enter will copy the last input. Ctl+Y can do the same thing.


Word: Tip to change the word between upper case and lower case.

In a word document, you can change the word between upper case to loser case by Shift+F3. The word will change between full upper case, first letter upper case and full lower case when you click F3.


Word:Tips to maxmize or restore the window.

You can adjust the window except the maxmize and restore button at the top right corner of the window. First, you can do this by double click the titlbe bar. Secnod, you can click the cross area of the scroll bar and the vertical bar.


Excel: Input in an area and don’t need swith between cells by mouse.

You can do this by following. Select an area by mouse. Then press Tab to move the cell forward and move the cell backward by Shift+Tab. By this way, you can input datas without mouse in order to improve productivity. By this way, if you are at the cell of the selected area, press Tab… Continue reading »


Word: How to find last modification?

I belive you must have this experience In some case you have a long word document with tens of pages and you want to go to the last modification to start work when you open the document. There is a short way to do this, Press “Shift+F5″ can go the last modification place. It’s very… Continue reading »

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